Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rest (well, most) of my weekend.

I did not know how to approach my days off this week. I managed to stay up most of the day (I work overnight) but intended on getting a few hours of sleep, which turned into 6. Extra sleep aside I was awoken my my phone going off via a text message. The message was from a co-worker of mine asking me if I wanted to go to a few bars with her and her boyfriend. I had nothing to do so I might as well tag along.

The first place I met them was on the outskirts of town. The place is something that really caters to the Nascar and motorcycle rally events we have in this area. One notable thing I can say about this place is that it has a lot of billiards tables though when I showed up they were all taken so I just sat there and people watched with them (the other thing I can mention is that this place has a cigarette vending machine. I thought with the asshole tight tobacco laws that these were extinct, I guess not).

The other place we hit up later in the night was this other place downtown which is more or less my spot. Lots of young people compared to the other place and more or less up-scale in terms of looks. I started to drink when we go to this place rather than paying for something in two different locations for whatever reason. I found out that there were $3 Sangria drinks on tap so I had to take advantage of this. Sort of an acquired taste because it's fucking rancid at first but after the first one not only am I a little buzzed but for $3 there's no excuse not to get another one (or 4 lol but I only had 2).

I kinda felt bad for the boyfriend who tagged along. He felt kinda out of place and didn't say much (neither knew what to do on the small dance floor while I was busting a move).Eventually we left and I went back to my place and Played more Call of Duty: Black Ops because there was nothing to do overnight and I had just woken up a few hours prior. I'm used to it.

 During most of the daylight hours I started cleaning a little bit because I've been neglecting this place quite a bit. I  suppose I am used to tidying up on Fridays because that's when my girlfriend comes over but I just wanted to get it out of the way. I went to Subway and got a sub and a red bull for when I wanted to go out later, sticking it in my fridge when I got back to my place. When I got back I cant remember what I did for a few hours. I possibly was either on the PC not doing much or playing more Black Ops. As the previous day I wanted to get a few hours of sleep. Even though I set my alarm I did not hear it and woke up later, I believe around 8PM and I was rather displeased.

My plans were to go to a few towns over and play Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA since it's the closest machine in my geographical area. I took the highway rather than going a normal route due to time constraints. I really doing like going on the highway, not that I'm intimidated, its just the fact that you get a fuckhead that can really kill your vibe. I was an exit where I needed to be and the onramp was rather close to the traffic oncoming and I slow down for the other guy to get in front of me, he doesn't. So somehow I was going 30MPH on the highway right before the exit. Fucking asshole, worse of all he was probably from Massachusetts.

I get to the arcade and do my thing though without the usual hecklers aka people telling me I'm good and shit WHILE I'M PLAYING. Sure I enjoy the comments and crowds but I cant concentrate, or comment back in a proper way. I am really out of practice with the game. I remember the summers of 2006 and 2007 I could spend hours (and tens of dollars) on a DDR machine and I'd be set. Nowadays I run out of stamina and dont spend much time usefully. My recovery time is longer, I forgot most of my strategies, and I'm overall worse than I have been since 2003. I'd like to get a group together but really, no one plays this anymore which is a shame. I wish for the franchise not to be so niche but in return we got casual shit and shitty song licences but in the end I need to get back in shape.

The drive home was alright. I was still pretty hot from playing and here in the northeast it was about 40F and I rode the entire way home with my window down. I don't have air conditioning in my vehicle so winter is the only time I get "cold air" lol.

When I got home I had no clue what I wanted to do. After showering it was more or less close to 11PM and since I had no friends accompanying me this week (usually I have a few, no more than 5) I hit up this other bar that was below a Chinese restaurant. I order a drink and some chicken fingers and play Starcraft 2 while I was listening to an amazing set which I later tracked down and put on my iPod so I could listen to at work. While I was playing the bartender asked me what I was playing, or doing for that matter. I guess a guy sitting in a corner to himself is the most interesting thing in that place.

With all weird shit aside I can say I did not spend all that much venturing out on my days off. A measly $30 compared to the usual Benjamin bill that I'm known to drop an a weekly basis. I came home and played some more Starcraft 2 for the rest of the night and talking to my contact in Holland. To end my day I ordered a large Steak and Cheese sub from the shop D'Angelos. I found an online coupon for like $4 off. I could not refuse. On my way there I stopped at the convenience store on the corner and bought a can of drank since I needed to get to sleep sometime.

I can say the sleep was great. A co-worker of mine said I was more talkative but I doubt it. I don't know what did it, it couldn't of been the sleep, I only got 6 hours. Maybe it was from playing DDR or possibly the vitamin A's I took by the handful. I'll never know.

Well, that's it. I tried to make most of my time to myself while my girlfriend was out of state. I hope I get to see her next weekend because I sure do miss her.


  1. Sounds like a nice weekend after all

  2. ... Has anyone toled you you have an amazing memory, iv allready forgotten most of what I did. :D

  3. Once your gf is back, you will start wishing she's gone lol. Grass is always greener on the otherside. Anyway, following your well-written blog.

  4. Aww you miss her? how cute =) Followed!

  5. Awesome post, looking forward to more.

  6. interesting stuff thanks for posting.

  7. agree with chris, you're either lonely or bored. anyway, interesting blog, followed.

  8. I just got Starcraft 2 the other day, it is some game.

  9. you should enjoy that until you cant haha

  10. definitely from the vitamin A :p always perks me up

  11. and now monday has come...