Sunday, October 10, 2010

One of the better posts I've read in a while

Being honest, I never thought I'd be making one of these threads. But right now I'm not sure what to do.

About a week ago a new girl named Sarah moved into the apartment across the hall from mine. Normally I wouldn't have taken much notice of her. I'm a self-sufficient guy and I've never really been up for relationships (it's been a few years since I had a girlfriend, and since then I've stayed by myself and just worked on my writing). However, Sarah isn't a normal girl: she's in a wheelchair.

Over the last week we hung out a little bit, and last night we finally got around to her 'housewarming' party, in which we both got wasted and I woke up on her couch. She is quite intelligent and witty, and she seems rather upbeat despite everything. So of course, the thought of whether I ask her out popped into my head today.

And I don't know. But not from being disgusted or anything horrible like that. She's nice, and quite pretty, but for starters I have no idea what to expect in someone in a wheelchair. And secondly, I haven't had a girlfriend in a long time, and I don't know whether my reservation is just a learned behaviour of this or something else.

So here I am, asking for help. I can clarify if more info is required, but in any case thanks for your time.

Four years ago she was riding her scooter (Vespa?), and while she was at a red light someone plowed into the back of her. She told me that she has some scars, but I haven't seen them so I can't tell you what they entail, apart from a small scar across her left cheek, under her eye. She said it was from the crash, but it is a tiny line that you could swear was from a blade or slicing along a sharp counter corner if you didn't know.

She told me the details last night, that she was in hospital for a long time. It was a pretty sad story, so I told her that she could stop, which she did. I feel bad for not stopping her sooner, because it must be painful to recount I guess. I've only ever had my asthma attacks, and those aren't really on the same field.

Well, I guess I've decided that it doesn't matter that Sarah is in a wheelchair; I'm going to ask her out.

But now I have to plan a venue, should she let me take her on a date. I don't want the cinema, because that's a bad message, but I want to be something interesting at the same time, that is generally wheelchair-accessible. Usually I would wait for a clear night and stargaze seeing I know the starmaps, but seeing I would have to take her from her chair and lay her down on a blanket I may save that one. Does anyone have any good ideas?

    Alright, OP here. I'm going across the hall to ask her. Wish me luck, would you?

OP here. I'm back.

Sarah answered the door reasonably straight away. She's a little hungover today after the vodka she drank last night, but she still seemed pleased to see me and asked what was up after inviting me in.

I didn't bullshit or falter any. Leaning down toward her level a little I told her that I have enjoyed spending time with her, and I'd like to take her out somewhere so that we can get to know each other better.

Silence. She just stared at me for a few seconds with a straight face before scoffing and saying something to the tune of "Please. Lots of women out there whose legs work." But I decided before I went that I wasn't going to get palmed off, so I said "But I'm asking you."

She agreed, told me that she has tomorrow night free, but... it's strange. She seemed almost reserved or untrusting. I don't quite get it. Still, a yes is a yes until proven otherwise so I have to plan a good evening. Cheers to everyone who has given advice to me, I probably couldn't have done it without you, but I'm still concerned with these new developments.

Since the inception of the advice board there hasn't been a thread I remember quite as much as this one. It was the early days of said board that was around for maybe a week at most at the time but I have to say it was pretty engaging trying to give this guy some courage and, to be honest, it was some real Densha Otoko-type shit going on. Sometimes I wonder if the two went anywhere in a relationship or if anything ever came of it for that matter.


  1. That was cool. A little long, but an enjoyable read nonetheless...

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