Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hitch Hikers

I was out this morning driving around to pick someone up (lets just say an errand) and I saw this lady walking with thumb out. If I had nothing to do I'd at least help.

I suppose it's my remorse to people who, for whatever reason, have no form of transportation other than their feet. These people aren't not that common around here for what I can see but from the few people I HAVE picked up are decent people or putting up an act, I don't know and I could care less but they are interesting people with a story to tell and I can never get enough of those.

Vid related I guess


  1. they are always good I guess, learning to drive soon and I've been one of these in the past, can be risky for you, and the hiker too really.

  2. Our car broke down once, we had a spare but it was flat so we had to try and hitch hike to the nearest gas station.

    Everyone ignored us. Two 18 year old lads? Must've thought we were just messing about or something

  3. i'd never pick up a hitchhiker, you never know what they're like